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We make the difference on your construction site!

We are a tech-startup working on a robot that can remove joints around bricks 100% automatically. Our milling machine removes up to 99% of the joints and leaves only the smallest residues at the end. We integrate this machine in the renovation process to make it effortless and more effective for our customers.


On this page you can read much more about our work. We are open to business and you are welcome to book one of our services or get on a call to find out more about the project.

Client on the site in front of our machine

Our Background

Who We Are

SiteTech started in 2021 straight out of Aalborg University where the proof of concept for the autonomous mortar removal machine was created during a group project on the topic. Since then it is growing both its technology and business and aims to be a reliable partner for building renovation companies and technological leader in the space. During the years we have worked on almost 10 different building sites and removed all together over 700 m2 of mortar. Currently we are working on fourth generation of an autonomous robot for mortar removal that will be certified and ready for serial production.

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