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Robot design

We can offer above-standard services in mortar milling only because we continously develop and improve our machines that enable people to do this job better than with just hand tools. Take a look into basic building blocks that make our solution perform as well as it does.

Parts and features

That makes our robots mill


Computer vision based AI

We use conventional and depth cameras to capture the wall. But we also use a on-board processing unit running our proprietary algorithms to analyze these images and detect where are the bricks, mortar, windows, already milled areas and much more. On top of that our machine learning solutions are making sure the robot is smarter every single time it encounters a new wall.


Wire system moving the robot  

Our robot is not only a frame milling a single area but a complex system of 5 wire motors that are fixed on the frame and in the corners of the wall. This system makes it possible to montage the whole setup once and then move it along the whole wall with just a few buttons when milling one area after another. No scaffolding needed!


Graphical interface for the operator

Maybe you don't trust a fully autonomous robots? It's okay. All our robots come to the site with a human companion. We use a graphical interface to see what the robot sees, check the quality of its work in real-time and stop it if it goes too wild. One person can operate up to 4 machines completely remotely with our application.


Detailed data about your site

We collect a lot of data in the process and we know how to use them. We can offer a detailed report about the job with information like: precise amount of mortar removed, average hardness, milled depth, number of bricks in the wall and their visual map. Don't matter if you need them as a structural engineer or an insurance company, we will deliver.

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