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Everything we can do for your wall renovation

Mortar removal as a service

Are you a building company or a private customer looking to remove mortar joints in an old or damaged building? Don't look any further! We visit the project site and utilize our robot to handle the milling of 80-90% of the brick joints. We charge you per square meter, based on the hardness of the mortar. Once the robot has completed its work, the remaining joints are manually removed by one of our trusted partners to ensure a thorough job.

We takes care of the entire process - bringing our robots to the site, setting them up, and operating it throughout the automated mortar joint removal phase. Once the job is done, we take care of transporting the robot back to our facility.


Complete wall renovation

Do you want to hand over the whole renovation process to get it off your shoulders? No problem for us! Building up on our Mortar removal service we can provide additional wall treatments: cleaning up the wall beforehand, refilling the joints after our robot is done with the old mortar or waterproofing the walls by applying water-repellent impregnation. We are very flexible in the way we work and have experience from many different types of walls and building sites. Check out Pricing tab to reach out and get your price estimate.


Robot rental

Are you a demolition company that already has or is looking to expand to provide mortar removal services? Do it in a future-proof way by renting and utilizing our machines. You will be able to work longer hours with less physical strain and much higher productivity. We will charge you on per month basis with additional maintenance costs per milled squared meter. Our support is included in this package as we will be closely cooperating with you when setting up the machines, milling your first meters, during maintenance or any unusual circumstances. Book a call with us to find out more!

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